South Sea Seafood Restaurant, Kampung Baru Subang (2nd visit)

2nd visit for lunch
Steamed Seabass (Siakap) 
Fried prawn with chili
Fish cooked with Cheese (dunno the exact name!)
Tofu and minched meat
Yin Yong Kailan fried and crisp!
Clam cooked with kam heong - Highly Recommended!

As stated, this is my second visit. again with the boss and this time, it is a lunch time! and hey so dem frustrated as assuredly, i didn't bring my Canon lorh. so, the so-so quality of above photos are just via my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. well, atleast!

OK now rambling bout the foods. as expected, everything were very GOOD but my utmost favourite is the CLAM (tastes like Lala) which is well cooked with sweet chili. gosh, i'm sticking with this same seafood from the 1st experience. they really master the cooking of this seafood as previously, we ate it with the thick soy sauce and this time, its totally differ. would say i LOVE both styles!

Then, should highlight the Yin Yong Kailan which being fried til crisp! well i just know it is a kailan tru other's post. thanks lorh and yup, should pick this as the veggies option.

Oh please do not expect for any pricing since i don't have the bills. as claimed, this place is expensive but trust me it is worth your penny!  

Feel free to read my FIRST VISIT HERE. more menu, more reference and more awesome photos for you to view.  =)

Overall experience
Food : 4.5/5
Ambiance : 4.5/5  (haha should visit the restroom haha)
Pricing : 3/5 (expensive but worthy)
Guide for Muslim : No Halal JAKIM certificate | Pork-free
Yup ive check that dishes were NOT cook with alcoholic huhu but it depends on individual yar!


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  1. Yin Yong Kailan and chili clam are my fav dishes!! I can tell that you really love Chinese seafood huh ^^ share it share it in Seeties, let all Malaysian know where to find good halal seafood ^0^


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