H&M Platform Boot

By Monday, January 20, 2014 ,

Boots always give utmost comfortability to the wearer. although this one comes with high platform and heels but seriously, the inner sole is doing its job very well and plus that big heels at the end is balancing everything. Not bother to walk few hours with this.

Besides, the almost 3inch of the height is secretly slandering my petite shape. nobody know if you're wearing it under your maxi skirts/dresses or go edgy with the jeans.

Yup, as mentioned got at H&M with the price of RM104. well if i'm not mistaken, forgot already but not more than RM110 lorh. extremely a buzz-worthy purchased huh.  =)

Thanks for reading and visiting peeps. keep on separating the love yar hehe


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  1. WOW... murah! rm104 tu tengah sale ke?

  2. berbaloi sgt 20% special discount lah bcz opening during that time...err xingt sgt harga asal 130+ ??? err math dlu mmg fail! hahahha camtu la lbh kurg yang

  3. gorge! love your boots. been eyeing one from topshop too. hehe

  4. Nice! Cantik je. Price harga sangat affordable.

  5. Hello there, those boots look fabulous! And with the sale, it's a fantastic buy!


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