Look #119 - Up The Look Of A Varsity Jacket

F21 Inner & Necklace / Thrifted Varsity Jacket / Bershka Jeans / H&M Boots / Samsung Galaxy Gear

Undeniably, the highlight is that Varsity Jacket which i've already worn in here. yup it is a thrifted item got at a bundle shop in Cameron Highlands. haha you heard me because it was during my family vacation there looong time ago.

Personally, i think varsity jacket is a timeless item and a great way to achieve that boyish look. as for me, i love how comfy and edgy vibe of it because i do always opt that 'something' to enhance my boyish side. hehe will show you the other look which i'm pairing this same jacket with a dress. huhu i'm pending it because the photo isn't really good....

As shown, i paired with my brandnew boots from H&M there and a necklace from F21 to up the whole look. stay basic for that inner top and plan black scarf. hey, talking about that killer boots, no worry will story more on the next post because i am soooooo much satisfy with this purchase!

Thanks for reading and loving my page here. :)

Photographed by TiaJamaludin and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. Happy new year my lovely sister. Love ur jacket look so hip-hop. Anw, i hope we can meet soon if i go to Malaysia again. Anw, I'm so enjoy holiday at Malaysia :))


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