Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences KL Review : One Night Stay with my Travel Buddy!

romantic??? kerr?
big enough for two adults!
hahaha i thought this is a waiting area to use the toilet. LOL =D
flat screen with great channels..we're watching Catherine Zeta Jone's Zorro. perrghhh classy!
retro feeling and yup, i love that big shower head.
toiletries as usual
don't have enough time to swim....already so semangat bringing the 'bikinis' haha
nice huh? 

Happy New Year 2014 people! =)

Well, this stay was on the last week yar. haha nothing to do with any NY celebration or vacation! it just that i wanna share with you my experience of one night stay at this Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences KL since it worth of sharing.

Vacay at the hub of KL was actually one of my list-thing-to-do. hehe so, me and the travel buddy, Miss Tia planned this staying since she got this free room as a membership! hahaha yup it is FOC lorh, so we're both like "Hmmm why don't we try to play the tourist game in KL pulak?" hihi

Anyhow, we didn't really nail the target as we're both quite busy on that day. it was after work on Friday, i rushed to Pavilion for Shea's Coach shopping, then me and Tia dined in Madam Kwan's, then we went back to this cozy room as she already checked-in beforehand. then, we chit-chatting a bit about our next backpacking trip and finally we're both already dem sleepy and done! we landed on our own was already 4 a.m btw.  =P

me and the travel+CoffeeAddict buddy, Miss Teha :)

Then tomorrow morning, we're both rushing to our own destination. me to the Perodua service centre lol plus a wedding afterwards and she was catching her flight to Sarawak! haha gilerrr busy kan masing-masing...adoihh. so, thats it!

But still we having a great moment together since it is very hard for both of us to meet. maklumlah masing-masing busy sendiri Errr..singlehood is much much busier lol. thanks dear Teha and insyAllah our next gateway will be nicely plan sooooooooon yar. ^^


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