Hijabista Mag X Bank Islam for Fashion Swap

from left: Tv Host, Syakirin IzaBakar Hijabista Editor, kak Suzie and me ta-da!
with the bubbly TV Host DayahBakar
oh girls..wish we gonna meet again yar :)
bumped onto my senior who coming on behalf of the new radio station, Ultra Fm
hijab tutorial by Pearl Haya :)
now, its time to SWAP!
here are my swapped-items!
with the undeniably beautiful model, Atin Aqima
with Hana, the Hijabistamag fashion stylist. nice meeting you dear ^^
beautiful performance by Noryn Aziz ft the Twinnies
heh ini olang harr manyak femes punyer ah XD hahaha thanks babe Noor Al-Hamed for invited me yar nanti invite lagi eh..muuahhhh3x 
with Cik Fana kitewww..hehe thanks for snapping my pic yar dear ^^
the overloaded goodies bag.
thannks bakers, all are great! i felt so sweeeet on that day lol =D

Event : HijabistaMag X BankIslam Fashion Swap
Date : 25.1.14
Venue : KL Life Centre, Jln Sultan Ismail

Initiating my 2014 #lifeasablogger with this fabulous evening by the local hijab magazine, Hijabista. collaboration with the Bank Islam doing the fashion swap among the invited fashionista. personally i love the idea so much and was looking forward to the exchanging since i got many items that are not being worn yet since i bought it lorh.

Besides, the evening was full with other itineraries as well such as hijab tutorial, live performance, enjoying all the sweeeetttt treats by those talented bakers and the most is mingling with all these gorgeous hijabies! seriously inspired and yup, please expect a What-When-Where post soon. fuuhhh after a really long gap, finally i'm back being a streetstyle photoG. thanks ladies!

OK then, i am fully satisfy with my swapped-items there which being exchanged with my Nose flat, high platform mustard boots, scarf, some accessories and H&M ipad cover! "=.= i don't own any ipad lorh, so thats why it is the best one to be swap! incredible experience. :)

Thus, thanks babe @Noor for invited me yar and HijabistaMag X BankIslam for organizing such event. hope next swapping event gonna be bigger and bolder. Fighting HijabistaMag  !!


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  1. Yeayyyy! Nice to meet you akak! Such a wonderful event kannn? ;)

  2. suzai pun pergi? i n ida ada dpt invi ni..but sandly x dpt pegi :( best x event tuh?

  3. tq kak asyik n fana muuahh3x t kt jmp lg k :)

  4. iena dh hagak dh xkn lah u all xdpt invi kn..huhu tu pelek sal xd plak on that day huhu upe nk whassappp pulak iAllah nex time t kte rodger2 ok ble jmp!! :)

  5. lorh THANKS A LOT for your concern dear raven! already correct the error hehe :)


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