Sizzling Suzai X Rita Rudaini

OH MY GOSHHHHH!!!! obviously can see it on my overreacted expression there! seriously, i was freaking excited when i knew that Rita Rudaini was seating behind me and i just can't hold the excitement getting a photo with her! sorry kak kacau je duduk duduk hujung minggu akak hehehe but seriously as i mentioned to you, SAYA SUKA GILERRRR RITA RUDAINI!!!!

and i couldn't believe that i've already met her. Gossshhhhhh sangat sangat cantik gebu macam you guys tengok kat drama Sehangat Asmara tuh! hehehehe dah fanning kak Rita ni dari dulu lagi lah tak ingat lah pulak drama apa but everytime her series being aired on the TV, sure will constantly follow it. she is a freaking GREAT actress..

So, GOOD LUCK kak in your career and wish you gonna found a beautiful happy ending in your normal human life amin..keep on being GREAT and STRONG, LOVE RITA RUDAINI Always! =D


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  1. rita xmacam mak yg dah ada anak kann. mcm anak dara sgttttt :)


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