[Review] 47 Ronin (2013)

Ok no time to ramble on the synopsis since i am scared that the showing time is already over by now! haha so my verdict here could be your reference before downloading the movie lol. very sorry for the pending as watching the show was really an unplanned event. Oh thanks for the treat dear...hmmm

So, before jump onto my general views and opinion as a movie-goer, you should know that i don't tend to watch this film at all and never know that it is about the Japanese myths and everything which featuring the samurai tales. so, i don't expect for anything~ lorh even don't have any idea about this historical belief. huhu sorry....

As a critic claims that this film is a B grade one with a $175 million budget! lorh my apologies as i just can truly agree with them. yup, for me it is also a so-so one. Keanu Reeves who plays the major role besides two most famous Japanese actors; Hiroyuki Sanada and Tadonobu Asano (thanks Google) is not attractive enough to colorize the whole movie.

Well, this movie is not dull at all because the costumes and the way they displaying the Japanese cultures are so impressive. it just that MAYBE the plot is tooooo flat? Urgghhh idk how to really define the reason but i guess it was effected by two valid reasons.

One, it is featuring supernatural power and magic elements here and there. well, one of the main character is the Witch / Kitsune / Fox who portrays as a creature who can turn into human / fox / dragon? with her black magic practice lol lol lol . this is a turn off for me although it is written historically and i didn't mean to insult it but huhu as swear so many times, i am just not a fan of a fantasy-action film.

But hey, i think she is my most favorite character out of all. Rinku Kikochi really nailed it! applause people, i think she is a very talented actress although i've never seen her before. huhu

Two, it is not a happy ending one. huarrghhh i don't fancy this kinda of closing. again, i'm not trying to insult the belief but it is just my personal thought and interest. it is actually based on the Samurai's practice that in order to preserve their honor, the Shogun allowed them to commit Seppuku.

Nah, this is called Seppuku. A form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. it is a part of Samurai's Bushido honor code. it is either used voluntarily by a Samurai to die with honour rather than fall by the enemies or a kind of capital punishment for the wrong doer. hmmmm...thanks a lot google for adding new knowledge to my brain. :)

OK to be fair, my favourite part would be the scene of Kai, Oishi and the other 47 ronin who seeking help from the Tengu. they need to pass the challenge in order to get the weapons and well, i love the way they play with Oishi's mind. a very surprising and brilliant one. lorh watch by yourself lah. hihi

Thus, the ranking would be 2.8 out 5. yup, it is all because of the ending...........hehe sorry fans.


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