Beauty Bees : Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost & Benefit Cosmetic Boi-ing

Rarely sharing on my beauty haul is not telling that i am skipping that beauty routine, it is just that i'm not really interested to talk about it hahaha.. to be honest, my sensitive skin leads me to experiment on variety of skincare, products and brands. be really honest, i am quite stressful over it and near to that boring stage already lorh.

However, i am always so anticipated over the products that giving a good result and convincing enough to be list under my monthly maintenance. so, i guess these 2 items up here are categorized under makeup junks and sure will attract those makeup junkies who read this. hehe

Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost - acts as a makeup primer in a serum form or some said can also be a moisturizer which comes with a very strong sense of citrus smell. yup the name and orange colour are not lying as you can sudden imagine the fruit once you press the pump. lol

Should story why i ended up using this. i was actually looking for some supplement for this skin and in the same time, i was also searching for a makeup primer. then, when i went into a Body Shop store, i saw this and asked the sales girl bout it. hey, it combines both of what i've been searching ta-da VITAMIN C + Primer as easy as that, so i agree to give it a try although it is quite pricey on my side. RM88.90 for a 30ml bottle yet after using it for almost 5 months already, it is still there. admittedly, it worthy~

The liquid is thick and like 2 pumps can already cover the whole face. you will feel like the liquid is oily and greasy but surprisingly, it is not at all. then, why do i love it? it makes my CC Cream or foundation well-separated, easier and smoother to be apply and also help to less the uneven skintone! yup not to mention, i do fancy the glowing effect it gave. not really glowing but it glows btw. lol

The bad thing about it? hmmmm that Vitamin C is not functioning at all. i don't think it lessen my scars or rejuvenates my skin. it just giving out a good sense of citrus to the user. so, this one is only great as a makeup base, thats it! :)

Benefit Cosmetic Boi-ing - my very first Benefit products being purchased. i was looking for a concealer which good for an oily skin like mine. fyi, i have once used the Stila Cosmetics stick concealer and frankly, i don't love it. it makes my skin more oily as it is too sticky and uncomfortable to be wear on this face for the whole day. therefore, i am well-known on what to search and decide.

So, when i went into the Sephora and asking about the concealer to hide the imperfection on this skin, the sales girls highly recommended me to have this cute little pot. she claimed that this is the best selling one also.

Once i dab my finger onto it, can already feel the non greasy and light feel of it. pat it on the imperfectness area; scarring or discoloration can hide that effected area. whilst, this product is award-winning one because it can also be use to lighten up the darkest area; underneath the eyes and inner corner by the bridge of the nose. a very natural one indeed!

Well, got 5 shades which can be view in here and sell at RM80. hmmmm...OK lah since it is very convenience. as simple as you can just tap this on those scars before applying foundation/CC cream to achieve that 'perfect' finishing. Good luck! :)

Disclaimer : this is not a sponsored post, it is truly based on my own experience and opinion. thx


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  1. Betul ke The Body Shop Vitamin C dan Pomegranate tu hanya sesuai untuk 40 tahun ke atas? Tadi masa nak guna voucher 50%, saya nak Vitamin C atau Pomegranate. Terus SA The Body Shop cakap Vitamin C dan Pomegranate tu hanya untuk 40an. Saya terkejut dan rasa HAH? YA KE? SERIOUSLY? Bila fikir semula macam pelik. Rasa tak puashati pun ada. Huhu.

  2. lorh dear obviously im not 40 haha i dun hv d idea hw this simple vit C can only works on 40s lorh no such point pon lein lah anti ageing cream ke kan...btw as claimed this thing is ONLY WORKS PERFECTLY as a makeup base nothing more means the vit c cam xde function pon...huhu

  3. Eh, saya tak cakap sis Suzai berusia 40an. Jangan salah faham. Saya tahu sis bukan 40an cuma saya geram kat SA The Body Shop tu. Macam dia tak suruh saya beli Vit-C tu dengan voucher 50%. :(. Plus, I don't like her attitude.

  4. hahahhaah eh puteri sy tak marah lnsg lah hahahahaha btol mmg patot annoyed pon ngan SA yg xmmbantu sgt ni up to u dear to get it or not but as a makeup base i'd say it is working well :)

  5. Always thought that Vitamin C serum tu madam bags, always aiming to buy it. Thanks for heads up, do share if you found a better vitamin C serum :)


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