Subak@Bukit Lanjan [second visit]

Special drinks customized by Subak - RM13/each and Cafe Latte - RM9

Smoke Salmon - RM25

Gado Gado - RM12

Beef Ribs - RM53

Spring Chicken - RM38

Aglio Olia Seafood - RM30

Fried Rice - RM25

Sup Ekor - RM20

Tomyam Soup Prawn - RM20

Es Teller - RM 26

Ice Cendol - RM12

Bukit Lanjan,
Jalan Penchala Indah,

60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur,

03-7729 9030

Apparently, this is my second visit with the aim of celebrating my daddy's birthday on the last year. should also mention that this restaurant is my sister's fav as she was dying to have the family dinner in here although i've been counter proposed it too many times. haha..honestly, i just don't feel like writing the review of the same restaurant for twice! Click Here to view the first visit.

So this time around, i've got varieties of menu to offer to the readers. so, i think i won't describe it one-by-one as i will only ramble on the selected one!


Starting with the Beef Ribs which cost us RM53. to be honest. i don't really fancy the taste since i always prefer lamb as my ordered steak. however, the pricey cost is satisfactory as it was quite a big portion which able to be shared by 2/3 adults. personally, the sauce is so-so.

Aglio Olio Seafood is mine. well, i was famished and i was looking for rice actually~ then, as the fried rice is the only choice in the menu and was being ordered by one of the member, the waitress recommended me this pasta dish. it got three choices which are seafood, beef and chicken. hehe.. skeptically  it tasted as scrumptious as other Aglio Olio but i should say it a little bit wet. anyhow, it satisfied my hunger as i was fully full with that one bowl!

Next is my fav utmost all the orders. the Fried Rice which featuring 1 big prawn, 2 stick of satay, 1 egg and keropok. it will be sound much much better when i say that the rice is delicious too. sarcastically  nothing different compare with the nasi goreng cina that you dine at the ordinary restaurant but RM25 for this dish is worth of investment.

The ultimate crush of this restaurant is their Tomyam Soup. this was the second visit and this was also the second times we ordered the soup. i favour the thickness and the strong taste of sour&spicy of the soup. yup, can be considered as one of the great tomyam i've ever tasted. thumbs up!

Fyi, if i'm not describing the order, it means that they are just so-so to me lor. anyhow, this was actually a dinner of 7 pax and the total lost was RM 348.70.

See the uncle in the 2nd photo, he is my dad who celebrated his 55th birthday on the last 27th December 2012. haha..Happy Birthday papa! then, notice the baby boy in almost all the photos above? no he is not my child as i'm still single and always ready to mingle! he is my beloved nephew, Syed Amirun Faiz as named by my dad. ^^

So, that night was kinda small family gathering. it was fun to have a dinner together since we are all living in a different homes. haha..yup, we are family but not living in one roof~

TQ for viewing and reading. you are most welcome to view the fabulous look of this nature-friendly restaurant plus the other menu at the FIRST VISIT at Subak@Bukit Lanjan CLICK HERE.


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