27.12.12 : Happy Birthday Papa!

Look, how cool is my dad? hehe..see photo no.1 on the right. oh, please ignore the shaky look of him since i've been busy taking the photos and he was busy getting the right seat! haha..well, it was actually past 10 p.m when we had our dinner that explains his super tiring look. poor papa..

I felt a great sense of relief when i got this time to treat him at the TGI Friday@Menara Hap Seng on the exact date. it was my first full-payment salary and it was his birthday. what a great combo, jimat duit i sekali langsai jerrr..hahahaha..joking joking lor~ yup, assuredly a food review entry is coming on your way a.s.a.p.

Anyhow, obviously this is a very late post since it took me a year to complete! haha..yup, i was quite busy for the past few days. what have i done? dating with both of my parents separately, celebrating my daddy's birthday (yup, its different things too), hunting for the Y.E.S (oh, so excited to share it in here!!), handling some jobs, gossiping with the babes and spending some quality times with some of other friends too..

So, HAPPY 56th BIRTHDAY to En. Sukarjo Muhamad. may Allah S.W.T keep on blessing your life and your rezk. oh, please slowing down your bad smoking habit because i love you so much and i wanna see you healthily breathing for more more coming years. dear daddy, lot of people need you! ;'(

p/s: Adik sayang Papa. :)


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  1. ayah nampak muda je lagi. Moga panjang umur murah rezeki :)

  2. Happy Birthday Dadi Suzai....sweet je dia melayan bergambar camtu...

  3. rara-->heheh ye ke..dh nmpk sgt tua dh kak..kadang2 ble usha uban2 die kn terinsaf skjap..amin.tq k ^^

  4. kak ogosh..hehe kn slps kna PAKSA ngan sy suh wat peace..hahahha tq kak

  5. Semoga sentiasa gembira bersama daddy yg paling cool didunia insaaalah.


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