HM 2012

For whom who may concern, H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB.

Finally, i've made my way to the one and only in Malaysia, H&M@KL. i've been freaking out since i missed the opening but i should thanked 2012 Year-End-Sale that successfully wasted my saving for the China Trip. worry as it was still in the budget range although i'm dying to shop more and more of them!

Seriously, the discounted items were as stunning as the new arrival. haha..i know i'm being exaggerating in here but admittedly, RM39 for a very nice top and sweater are just too awesome.

Sadly, i didn't see any Anna Dello Russo collection on that day. huh, i knew i was too too too late! hehe..i just wanted to lively see the electrifying turquoise luggage and clutch. who knows maybe i can own one of it? but Oh thanked God, they were already out of season and i just save another pocket money to shop in HK.

So, girls right now they were selling the H&M X Maison Martin Margiela collection which is super unique pieces but not my interest lor~, check it out.

Personally, the collection is not resembling me. it is kinda futuristic to my sight but good things about it is they are baggy, bulgy in size, inclusive layering that covered the skins and simply plain. the material used is featuring singular hue which is a good idea for fashion lover like me who is not a fan of frizzy patterns!

Anyhow, there will be more anticipation collection in 2013 which is H&M X Givenchy. oh my, obviously i do not afford the raw Givenchy., i can now own a so-called Givenchy with this upcoming collaboration!

Thank babes for accompanying me. both the single ladies up there, Noor Azuwanna and Marliyana, lets doing the H&M shopping more in the future. haha..skang tak boleh nok bangkrap mak oi~ haha

credit photo to H&M


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  1. Baru sampai H&M BB ker Suzai? actually it is not the one and only, but the first one, yes. There're another H&Ms in KL - one in Paradigm Mall and another in Setia City Mall. Bleh la shopping sakan! =)

  2. ye lar kan i ckp dr dlu im dying to go tp cam byk kengkangan gtuh...hehhehehe so last weekend was my VERI 1ST TIME..ohhh sgguh teruja sy..i knew this d 1st store in Msia but dunno dh bukak temp lein..TQ SO MUCH dear for d info..hahahha baru tau ade kat both mall tu. haiyooo JGN KGN XLE SHOPPING dh..enough! hahahaha

  3. wow!!! H&M.....saya tak sampai lagi tmpt tu...

  4. The Matin Margiela collection includes so many stunning and how so unique pieces. And girl you r not exaggerating. Shopping on sales in H&M is a HUGE bargin. They have very low prices and cute and good quality stuff.

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