Orange is just Juicy!

Wedges from Vincci / Bag from Charles&Keith

This was captured at my client's office as i was quite bored waiting for him. hehe..honestly, i felt a little bit silly playing with the phone while attending a formal visit. sorry as i just couldn't get rid of the nice combo i wore on that day. the Orange Combo is just so marvelous!

yup, the wedges is a new member joining the other family. oh, got it at the Y.E.S with only RM30. what a buzz-worthy purchase! hahaha..please don't tell my mom that i've bought a new shoes. yup, again! X)

admittedly, i'm quite busy right now plus i've got fever on last 2 days and still not feeling very well. yup, thats explaining the ON/OFF mood on this page.

TQ for the constant love. :)


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  1. I love your bag and how it matches with your wedges. Love it xXx

  2. haha it was actually unintentionally matches..tq so much dear :)

  3. Wah....gaya Suzai ni buka murah, mesti mahal2 semuanya ni...I mean, that handbag tu mesti dalam RM2oo plus kan? hehehe

  4. wah...beg x menahan tu....kasut pun....

  5. azham poyo--> i xingt la xsilap after less RM100+ je kot..adoi xd r kaya mane nk beli mewah2 gtuh hahaha

  6. kak ogosh-->hahahhah sume org mmg trpana ngan beg sy tuh...hahahha tq kak :D


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