Martabak Manis@Martabak San Francisco, Bandung.

Ahakkss..tonight gonna ramble about food. haha..since i'm avoiding the heavy dinner and trying very hard to stay away from any sinful snacks, so writing about this scrumptious desert is more than enough! huh..its not an easy task though. *sigh*

Authentically, i tasted this local dish at the previous visit in Bandung. it is called as 'Martabak Manis Banka Ajun' by the local and fyi, it is the Bandung trademark! basically, it got two types which are the sweet and the meat one. well, as Malaysian i'd likely claim that the sweet Martabak is the 'apam balik' whilst the meat one is the 'murtabak daging'.

Anyhow, i was freaking full with the dinner beforehand! so, i've only tasted the 'Martabak Manis' as in the photo above. actually, the word 'Manis' means sweet. its no lie as this 'Martabak Manis' is absolutely sweet-est, milky, creamy, cheesy (as i chose the cheese topping) and two words best to describe, tasty and fatty! meleleh air liur akuh membayangkan rasanya....ermmmm cit!

The 'Martabak San Francisco' is a well-known stall that sell the dessert. serves with variety of flavours to be mix-and-match by your own choices, this stall is definitely the best one. located at Burangrang street or just ask your taxi driver to bring you to the 'Martabak San Francisco' stall.

As stated in the menu above, they are even preparing 4 types of the Martabak. special, ordinary, medium or crunchy. honestly, the pricing is no cheap but looking at the big portion plus the deliciousness, it is more than worthy!

haha..sampai ke dapur dapur akuh masuk nak bagi korang gambaran jelas gituh~, now lets take a look on how the Martabak was made to be that sooo-sweet until it is enough to make me salivating right now! hahaha..

I chose cheese+peanut to be my topping. so, the layers is started with the bunch of cheesessssss, then spreading of the peanut, next is unlimited creamy milk and lastly the top is buttered with margarine before it is being cut. Oh, imagine how heaven the taste of the mixing was..errmmmmm... *sigh*

I know this visit was on the last year and faithfully, i've been dying to share this stuff long time ago. haha...but i failed finding the right time. haha..i'm not really sure, is this the right moment? haha...whatever~ eventually, i've shared my ultimate sweet memory of the previous visit to Bandung with you guys. satisfy!

yup, you are compulsory need to try this dessert whenever you got the opportunity to be in Bandung sooner or later. one of the best thing in the world lor. :)


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  1. yum yum!!! Nampak sedap kan? nampak macam apam balik malaysia je? hehehe :)

  2. yup absolutely but this one is sweeter n frankly, more delicious lah dear :) u should try once!


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