In-Trend: Emerald Green for 2013

#1 Mayo Wo via Lookbook

#2 Adriana Gastélum via Lookbook

#3 Genève B via Lookbook

#4 Mayo Wo via Lookbook

#5 Darya Kamalova via Lookbook

#6 Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn via Lookbook

#7 Camille Co via Lookbook

#8 Cheyser Pedregosa via Lookbook

#9 Nicoletta Reggio via Lookbook

It coloured the runaway, the Lookbook, the fashion pages and blogs. yup, can see it everywhere and i am sure that it will be spreading more and more as i started seeing it slowly influencing the fashion bloggers at the end of the 2012!  thanks Mr. Zamri from the Zamri's Big Fat Blog for report it. :)

So, as claimed by the world, Emerald Green is the colour of 2013! seriously, i thought that this shade is the last year trending colour since i've already saw lot of fashion blogger started wearing it. despite you're coloring the top, the bottom or can also play with the accessories as showcased by all these fashion-forward Lookbookers!

Undeniable, i love the hue since it is quite mysterious to my sight. it is no bright and bold at all. i guess that is why i'm attracted to get once piece for myself. honestly, i'm not an accessories freak although i adore the look #8 so much. go and visit her awesome blog at TheWalkingRecessionista. yup, she is known with her craze mix-and-match accessories!

Thus, lets see if i will pull out this colour of the year nor not. will try my best to find any top that suite me well since i always thought that GREEN & Me are not making a good pair though~ huhu

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  1. cantik juga warna hijau zamrud ni hehehehe.....

  2. I see ya up to date! Indeed emerald green is such a trend now. Funny because I can't find anything emerald green in's a bit confusing. I dreamt of something in this colour for quite a time and boom now it is a huge trend! Sometimes I get the feeling that designers secretly listen to my thoughts :D

    Mind following each other?

  3. Sara-->yup absolutely!! last weekend i go n trying to hunt for 1/2 pieces of this SO-CALLED 2013 colour but sadly i couldnt find any! it was not like i imagined where all the shops will be coloured w this greenish hue...hmmm indeed i dont hv many choices! ;'(


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