Salam and Ahlan Wasahlan Ya 2013..!

Increasing in year is only reminding me on the bitter fact, age increasing too! huhu..every girl is hating it but still we all should be thankful for still having the chance waking up on this morning and keep on breathing. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah..

So, before we start talking about the new year aims and missions, let me conclude the challenging yet wondrous 2012. oh, let me just numbered the events:

1 - i'm officially graduated: IIUM 28th CONVOCATION!
2 - owning a passport: finally~
3 - oversea vacation for the first time: Bandung-Jakarta trip with mom.
4 - hmmm...something sweet happening: thanks abgsyg for the love and care although its bitter...
5 - started graphing my career path: i'm career woman ho ho.
6 - got a cute&handsome nephew from my sis. he is nick-named as Nyonyot by his aunty. hehe
7 - finally loose weight: Alhamdulillah, i can now wearing a vertical strips top!
8 - more independent: pay the car/rental house/loan/to mom&dad all by myself. Alhamdulillah.
9 - ohh..i lost my beloved Compaq! (Seriously a bad memory and i just don't wanna remember it)
10 - finally shop at my fav branding Mango/H&M/F block bcoz atlast i owned my own income. well, there are many more admirable brands but i just don't afford it yet, LV/Prada/Kate Spade/Marc Jacobs ...hmmm...

Now, 2013 is not really the year that i've been excite for as nothing special is planning to be happen. OK, besides the most anticipating CHINA Trip with my bestie! haha..honestly, i'm scared of the question that lot of makcik-pakcik surely will ask, "harr, kau bila plak nak kahwin ni?!" ("when will you get married?") OMG, please do not ask since i'm not seeing any future about it yet!

Anyhow, some bookings had been made in the 2013 planner and insyallah, my targets for the whole year:

1 - trip to CHINA in April 2013!
2 - working hard & gaining more incomes. heh heh heh
3 - more F21/H&M/Mango/Zara/Aldo/Charles&Keith. haha shopping is always heaven!
4 - being a good daughter to both my mom&dad. adik sayang mama&papa so much.
5 - looking for a new car. well, actually i just can't disperse with my 'baby' right now. i love 'him' as he has done lot for me.....
6 - married?? oh no, wait as please give me another year enjoying being a single woman!
7 - peplum baju kurung moden. yup, i'm still don't own it.
8 - more fashion entries.
9 - USS Singapore with uni-mates --> hahaha..had been changed to Krabi island. haha
10 - being a HAPPY yet no stress as a single lady!! ^^

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR readers. keep on reading and i love you guys so much! :)


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