Reviewing The SK-II, Clinique and OXY

Status: In the Progress......

Truth to be told, it is almost fail as it is giving no result by this time being. it doesn't gave any bad / side effect either but i'm looking at the positive effectiveness towards my skin . so, should i claim that my pre-assumption about the product is absolute truth?

Admittedly, i am already aware by the fact that SK-II is not made for a sensitive skin like mine but i just wanted to try on the 'natural' chemical of it. hahahhha...spending RM199 on it is actually kinda stupid but satisfactory. btw, the mask and the essence are both a great moisturizer indeed!

Thus, i'd recommended this Japanese skincare product to any beauties who already got a great/smooth/envious skin that needs to be maintain. yup, maintaining and treating are TWO DIFFERENT worlds!

Status: Failed!

I have once used this product when i suffered with pimples all over the skin. as i believe that this quite-strong chemical product had undergo a precision laboratory process, i'm too excited to give it a try. the beauty advisor who wearing the typical lab white coat recommended me to use the 'anti-blemish solution' since my skin is real-sensitive a.k.a obviously, not a normal skin lah~

one week, nothing happened and after the second week, i've stop as i got this sense which nothing will work even for the next-next-next few weeks. oh c'mon, if a thing is good for you then it will immediately show it although it is just a minor variance. believe me!

Oh, the total lost for the trial pack was approximately RM220! fyi, the facial soap which comes with a great casing is not inclusive in the photo above. Recommendation, again to anyone with a normal skin surely will work.

Status: Failed!

Well, everybody knows that OXY and pimples are made for each other. i've tried the trial pack which cost only RM11+ for a few days. then, my mom insisted me to stop and try another 'promising' product that could solve my problematic skin.

So, nothing happened and i'm not supposed to complaint since i don't even give them a time to show any result. anyhow, i'm sure it will not gonna work as i didn't felt anything when applying all the 100+ steps, facial foam->powder lotion->toner-> moisturizer->etc. was actually like 6 years back ago!

Recommendation would be to any schoolgirls who got a problem skin that was just occurred aka beginning stage! hmm..because this was actually suggested by my aunt who claimed that her 14 years old daughter used it and ta-da her skin is cured. haha..

THUS, what is actually working on me? finally, i found one and thanked God as it is affordable and EFFECTIVE! yup, i don't really care about cost if they are really positively working on my extremely sensitive skin here.

so, check the review of NANO WHITE products that put the 'dot' to my searching.

* Disclaimer: this entry is not a payable one, it just my sharing of experiences. TQ! *


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  1. i used Clinique b4. mmg takes time utk get better skin. but so far Clinique is the best skincare for my skin. stop sbb x mampu wat masa nie. huhu

  2. wahh, curlas u pakai SK-II ..but most yang pakai SK-II semua bagi good review..hope this will work to your face too! makin crystal-clear la ur face lepas ni :)

  3. oxy mmg xbgus...kcuali cream jerawat die tu la.
    lau pg spital pn mmg dokte bg yg tu jgk~

  4. intan-->but it disnt work on me dear!!! stresss!!! hahaha..neway good for u ;)

  5. syafiqah-->THAT IS WHY im insisted to gv it a try!!! bcoz sume org kate bagos lah blah blah tp i dh agak is assuredly bagos tp utk NORMAL SKIN only lah! not for me!!! stresss lg!! hahah

  6. parhin-->ehh krim jerawat u ngan i bkn sama ke???? hahahha..ohh itu oxy ke..nice sharing tq dear ;)


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