In-Trend: Balearic Prints

Zina via Fashion Vibe

Tamara C via Lookbook

Oleysa O via Lookbook

As reported by the trendiest tongue in chic, these kinda tropical prints are really in! specifically, it was being showcase at several runaways for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. inspired by the Balearic island which executing the fun factor, joyous celebration and definitely holiday vibes. makes you feel like going for a vacation at the Hawai Island, right? hehe

Obviously, i don't own any piece of it yet but i do fancy this trend. i found that the prints is not really frizzy to my sight although it is busy and bold! haha..i know that sometimes, my sense of fashion is quite weird.

So, will i pull out this look? lets see and wait if i am able to find a piece that is resembling the simple me! fyi, i am very practical which mean i always ended up buying the wearable one instead of the one that-you-can-only-wear-for-once type of garment. haha..i know i'm a stingy fashion lover. hehe

Credit the info to tonguechic. thanks for sharing guys! ^^


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