Look #75 - The long-wish Navy Top

Scarf from H&M / Top from F21 / Jeans from F21 / Shoes from Bandung / 
Mustache Accessories from Jakarta

Apparently, this was taken on the last weekend when i go hunting for the 2012 Year-End-Sale with my babes. hearing the word shopping, you'd always wanna wear something simple and absolutely cozy but still stylish!

So, first item that is being removed from my mind is high-heels! i love them and assuredly, i got few of them in my closet but i'll only wearing it at any special occasions. otherwise, i'd rather opt for a simple flat, slip-on or the laziest one, selipar jamban (flip flop). hahaha

As mentioned, the navy top was from Forever 21. it is very petty without any embellishment or detailing which makes it very convenient for a day hang out on a slothful Sunday. yup, i love wearing an one-piece kinda top as i'm always trying my best to avoid layering since Malaysia is hot bebeh~ haha

Here is the zoom-in photo of the mustache accessories. oh, i love the neon colour of it so much although you cannot witness it in the edited photo below. haha..sorry~ well, i've been actually  looking for it long time ago since the moment when you can see this famous mustache symbol is everywhere! rings, necklaces, bags, on a plain white tee, on a manicured nail, pasted on a stick for a wedding candid photography and even on a whipped cream of a coffee! and blah-blah-blah. the phenomenon was just so-craze!

So, here is my only one and i'm dying to collect more of it although the season was already warm by now. haha..who cares when i always being the late-me! hehe..So, thanks for reading and Enjoy your Weekend!

Credit the shots to Noor Azuwanna Rosli.


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