Oh, You Make My Heart Do Cartwheels!

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yeahh, baby you are still actively living inside of me. look at those rounded cutie eyes...oh God, baby Bruno you are damn cute! no worry, i've already owned a copy of your newest 'UNORTHODOX JUKEBOX' . no time to capture the cd, although i'm always excited to share it in here. hehe..can't wait to post about it! later yarr.. :)

To, Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez...

[Image courtesy of tumblr]


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  1. ouhhhh tak sukalah sebab rupa dia sebijuk rupa classmate dulu. And classmate sy tu sgt nakallah! huhu

  2. tulus-->HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA alasan ni mmg sgt kelakarrr HAHAHHAHHA gilerr r mesti mamat tu MIANG gilerr!! hahahhah mmg bruno ni muke miang pon! hahahhahahhaha tp COMEL! haha


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