2012 Y.E.S Hunting

top - Mango / tops & accessory - H&M / innerwear  - F21 / shoes - Vincci (not in the pic lor)

Atlast, i've successfully FAILED to hold my strong urge from participating in the 2012 Year-End-Sale. surprisingly, should still be proud of myself as i haven't spend more than RM200 to own all the above mentioned. seriously~!

Yup, that was always my aim of the Y.E.S hunting. spend less and gain more! haha..i just quoted the phrase. so, please be amaze by my hidden talent there. haha..anyhow, i'm really really satisfy by all the purchasing since it was within my limited budget. why was it limited? guys, still remember the China trip that i've been announced so many times in here? therefore, i'm desperately need to save lot of pocket money lor~

See the H&M items there? omg, finally i've made my way to the store on the last Sunday. two words, "seriously heaven" since the discounted pricing were awesome and the collection are my kinda style too. hmm..i'm really looking forward for the next-next visit. hehehe..no, not within this short gap dear.

Those tops are actually very wearable, petty yet stylish enough to be wear with my all-time-fav skinny. try to imagine this, great jeans + nice top + killer shoes = so-called fashionista! haha..yup, i'm not really as fashionable as other fashion blogger as my sense of style is quite simple but dear, who cares because just be yourself and you will be a happy happy doll.  ^^

Hope you guys are looking forward for my coming fashion rambling. hehe..can't wait to wear all those items, striking poses and share it in here. hehe..TQ for reading!


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