Look #76 - Killer Ring or Killer Boots?

sunnies from Vincci / scarf from F block / basic top from Mango / denim outerwear from Bandung / 
jeans from Diesel / ring from Forever 21 / Lita Boots from ebay.co.uk

To be honest, i'm not wearing those killer boots on a day walk later. haha..yup, it was purposely being wore for the photoshoot as the fact that that killer Lita Boots is injecting some stylish factor to the whole look. specifically, the colour is mustard and a very nice one indeed but sorry, as usual no zoom-in photo is available.

yup, as mentioned i've got it from an ebay page and it was directly purchased from the country. haha..no, it was not received by me. it was actually my friend's sister who was finishing her studies in U.K and willingly brought back the shoes for me. thanks dear :)

then, that ring is one of my fav and honestly, it was purchased long time ago. anyhow, this is the first time you gotta see the clear view of it. if i'm not mistaken, i've got it at only RM 15 from the F21. love the extravaganza details on it and everytime i slip it on my finger, surely people will notice it! hahaha..because it is actually BULKY enough on my 'tiny' finger.

while, the simple long-sleeve basic top is from Mango Y.E.S. haha..got it at only RM49 and it is very simple yet very nice to be wear on a casual day. love the light material of it. hmmm..actually i'm wearing it now while writing on this entry. hehehe..can't get rid on its simplicity!

till then, TQ and c ya! ^^

** photographed by NurulSyafiqah & edited by me**


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  1. Ah, Suzai cantik!!! *Fengsan hahaha!

  2. tq dearest!! :D hahaha..azham xyah nk POYO sgt r! haha

  3. killer boots ^^ love the color of the boots.
    my "follow button" is on the left side, can you find it dear?

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  4. Dat is so high class fashion! Kekeke. Now i speak versace plak. Huhu. Just adore your style babe! Xoxo


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