Look #64 - The Shoplifter

Scarf from H&M
Outerwear@cardi and rings from F21
Unbranded basic tee
Skinny jeans from Diesel
Bag from Charles&Keith
Slip-on from Bandung

This was my second day in Bandung with the aim of easy and breezy for shopping time! so, i'm intentionally opted for a pants instead of any maxi skirt because personally, i'll only gain the max comfy in a jeans. yup, that will also explaining the slip-on that i got on the previous night with the price of Rp 35,000 haha..as convert in Ringgit Malaysia, it is approximately RM 11.00!

Then, the highlight of the look is the cardii from F21 which is so stylish in a simple way. i just fallen in love with the baby blue hue of it and the Navy stripes style on it! as a matter of fact, any petite or fatty people are not allowed to wear this kind of pattern as it will make you're looking bigger than your big size. haha..sorry guys as i just ruined the rule!

Dearest, I will try my best to start posting on my recent vacation in Bandung-->Jakarta since i know that i might unable to realize it by tomorrow or the next tomorrow. haha..sorry, i'll be so busy with my pack schedule starting on tomorrow as i'll start a new job. hehe..an engineering position! Alhamdulillah and please pray for my success in a career path yarr. LOVE ya and thanks for reading! :)

Photos are credited to my mom & the editing was done by me.


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  1. bestnya dpt jenjalan..
    suka bag dan shoes tu..:)

  2. never been to Bandung!!sis...come to beijing! HM sini sgt besar!!:)

  3. asyik-->hehehhe mmg best dear ble blk poket kosong pn best jugak! haahha pening dh! =D

  4. Tulus-->seriously i nk p CHINA i.Allah bln 3/4 nex year. ok im so excited if we cn meet hehe..surely will pm u back once i booked the tix. i dont know where will i be bcoz i'll b staying at my friend's house :)


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