[Whats Up K.L?] Urbanscapes (2012) is back!

Event : Urbanscapes 2012
Date : 24th & 25th November 2012
Venue : Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya

Yeah..the urban event was back! honestly, i'm quite disappointed with the previous one which was held at the same location but truly, i still can't hide my anticipation to give it a second chance! ("><)

well, what more can you expect on an event that is featuring Arts, Fashion, Musics and all sort of entertainments that surely being enjoyed by the youth community like us. its very artistic and absolutely fun!

anyhow, based on my previous experience, i'd likely suggested you guys to delay your visit a bit late. the best time is like 4.00 p.m and onward because the event will only starting to become havoc and delightful after that hours! otherwise, you can't really feel the enjoyment lor~

CLICK HERE to view the look of the event or CLICK HERE to read my 'spicy' review on the Urbanscapes 2011 which is super emotional. hahaha

btw, this time around, they had listed YUNA as one of the big star in their countless acts. so, make sure you're not missing out her performance that 'kompem gempak punyer larrr!!' hehehe..go YUNA go!

lastly, to stay update with the event, check out their official FB page yarr... CLICK HERE ^^


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