[Review] House At The End Of The Street 2012

yup, another MOVIE REVIEW! as i mentioned too many times, i favour the psychology / thriller movie sooo much because of its creepiness and absolutely those nerve-wrecking scenes in the film. although, some people might think that its unworthy to pay RM12 just to scare yourself but hey, who cares! haha

so, this new movie is definitely my pick when one of my office-mate offered to buy me a midnight movie. we chose House At The End Of The Street (HATEOTS) instead of "Sinister" because "Sinister" is about ghost and for me, ghost isn't real a.k.a fearless! Wahahahaha


so, a bit synopsis about it. Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her mom moved to a new town to start a new life without knowing that there is a shadow murdering secret at the next door. reminiscing back the 4 years ago, a daughter Carrie-Ann had killed her parents and just disappeared. they believe that she drowned but her body was never found. now, Ryan (Max Thieriotthe brother and the only survivor of the family live alone in the house. he was sent away to take care of a sickly aunt and just come back after the murder. 

one day, Elissa and 'THE CUTE' Ryan ("^^) accidentally met and slowly build a relationship against her mom's wishes. Ryan told Elissa that Carrie-Ann was injured while they were swinging together and that accident was giving her brain damage and extremely aggressive!

it is revealed to the viewer that Ryan is secretly been taking care of a woman who appears to be Carrie-Ann in a hidden underground room. she was trying to run away from Ryan's nest and wanted to attack Elissa but failed! whilst, Elissa had no idea that there is another soul living in the house until one night when she was alone in the house and the secret had revealed one by one before Ryan came back to the house and twisted all the stories.

so, what happen next? can Elissa escape herself? what was actually happened to Carrie-Ann? who is Carrie-Ann and who is Ryan? hahaha..peeps, watch it by yourself!!! LOL


so, here what i feel/think while watching the movie. the picture started with the killing of the parents which is creepy enough and will make you ready for the next adrenaline rush scenes. hahaha..but unexpectedly, the plot become slower and a bit boring because i pay RM12 to SCARE myself but there was no such scene for the first 1 hour! it was only start to pump back your adrenaline at the last 30 minutes and that moment was revealing one by one of the true stories about Ryan and his 'Carrie-Ann'.

the plot is real-twisting! yup, i can't expect the secret at all! like seriously, who is actually this 'Carrie-Ann' that was being cared by Ryan??? and who was the real psycho behind this? i guess because it has two parts, the live scenes and the ONLY FOR THE VIEWER scenes that had made us think according to only Ryan. yup, a huge credit to this unexpected plot and challenging guessing game done by the movie's writer since you can't never expect the ending as well!

hahahha...my next opinion would be on the athletic body of Jennifer Lawrence! Wow, her body was super envious, she got the height, the leg and the curve! haha..not to worry guys, i'm just a normal woman who envy another woman's voluptuous body and take it as a CHALLENGE and MOTIVATION for myself! ;'{

next, would be about the lead actor, Ryan or the real name  Max Thieriot  is a very cute and adorable one. haha..if i was Elissa, i will also fall for him although its against my mom's wish. hehehehe....dear, LOVE is BLIND! =D

OK then, let me rank this movie as 3 out of 5 and sadly, its far away to be compare with the Best Psycho/Thriller film that i've watched, "Orphan (2009)".  thus, i guess i'm done here as i took hours to write this review. sighing and tiring! haha..thanks for reading.


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  1. heroin dia cun. ini film 2012 ke kak? kenapa cover dia mcm zaman 80 an. NVM lah...mcm menarik. kalau pasal2 roh ni dah layan paranormal activity 4?

  2. hahahha...nmpk cam lama2 ke..x dear serius ni latest movie kat panggung ni! hahaha..tp i nmpk poster ni cam NOVEL COVER la plak. oh, paranormal film tu sy kurang brkenan coz sudut camera shot cam gtuh xbest la dear..xtau kureng minat..hehehhe


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