Look #62 - I'm A Working Woman

A blouse stole from my mom's wardrobe
Jeans from F21
Bag from Charles&Keith
Platform Heels with snack detailed from Vincci

Oh, i hate my frown face in all those shots. that would be the best explanation on how HOT the day was when i did this simple photoshoot. yup, this is my real outfit to the office. thank God as my bos is still allow me to wear the jeans. so, i don't need to wear that dull & bored seluar slack! haha..i don't know whats the valid reason but i just hate it!

Honestly, sometimes i can be a colour blinder too as i realized and noticed that the scarf and the top were not really made for each other but due to the laziness, i've blindly ignored it. i'm sooooo sorry readers. oh, please do not follow this bad attitude yarrr. however, that is one of my fav top as it was as comfy as it looks.

Then, do i need to declare how much that i love the doctor bag and that fierce snack heels?? yup, they are among my beloved items which are some of the best purchased i've ever made. thank you for reading and ADIOS! ^^

Photos are credited to my mom & the editing was done by me.


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  1. There's nothing wrong with pairing contra colors.

    And I couldn't agree more the scarf suits the top,really.Trust me ;-)

  2. Apsal asik baju mak je.....then ur mother must be stylo as well....i like that simple style....wish i could wear jeans too....

  3. sigma & asyik -->tq so much dear :))

  4. hidaya-->hehehhee die mcm boleh la masuk la jugak...haha but i got a better one actually cume MALAS nk mggosok kn..hahahaha tp klu u kate OK then its ok la gtuh.tq dear :)

  5. kak ogosh-->hahahha mmg die seorg makcek y agak stylo juge tu..tp dlu mase die muda2 laaaaagiii stylo tu y byk dkebas bju die tu sbb die xmuat dh..hahaha ..npe kak jeans bknnyer byk shape n size ka?? >"<


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