Look #63 - The Jetsetter

scarf and necklace from F block
sweatshirt from F21
skinny jeans from Diesel
bag from Charles&Keith
flat from The Summit

Comfortablity is a most crucial aspect when being a jetsetter especially for the long hours journey. haha..mine here took only two hours and half jerr. as mentioned too many times, this was taken when i departed from K.L to Bandung on the last week.

I'm intentionally opted for that simple flat and the slouchy sweatshirt. seriously, i just can't get rid of it since its very comfy and yet stylish enough for a lazy jetsetter like me. well, you can also check out those celebrities's airport styles in lot of fashion mags

Then, the new skinny was recently purchased at the Diesel store. Oh, i got two pairs with only one price of RM89. what a great deal, huh?! Oh, should i describe how much that i love the slimming&slender effect that it gave on my legs? haha....tq for reading!

Photos are credited to my mom & the editing was done by me.


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  1. love your style! :)

  2. cool n comfy.
    laptop sleeve tu nampak mcm sama yg I punya la plak..hehe. =)

  3. Hehehe... cute! Tak pernah lak nak bergaya macam tu.. hehehe

    Anyway dah ada geng travel.. ngee I love travelling! Blog nina pun pasal travel.. ngee tapi tak leh lawan akak la..

  4. en zamri-->TQ..alamak u punye msti LV ke xpon Prada/Gucci or whatever d brand is..mine here xde nama pon..hahhaha


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