Water Can Chill You

By Thursday, October 11, 2012 ,

Someone once told me that whenever you're in stress, go and find any flowing water and stare at it. Insyallah, you'll be in peace. hmmm..i guess, i've attracted to this photo since i'm a bit down today...Oh please, don't ask for the reason.

Credit this awesome photo to the owner. its the fabulous KLCC and a very nice one lor!


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  1. akak!! still remember me? dah lama tak comment kat blog akak..
    jgn stress-stress.. chill.. ingat tak wkt naik gunung rajah. bila tiba dkt air terjun kita rasa tenang.. hehee..
    i miss that moment mandi air terjun sejuk mcm peti ais tu.. huhu

  2. The sound of water can really soothes you down esp during stress. But, taking ablution could also calm you all situation. =)
    *cantik gambar tu! :)

  3. nina-->ingt plak xingt knangan2 manis kat gng rajah tuh..hehe tol2 air sungai y kt stop kat tgh pndakian tu mmg sgt awesome! btw, thanks dear n i.Allah brjmpe kt lg ble2 yer :)

  4. en.zamri-->tol2 haiyoo lupe nk include point plg penting, ablution! haiyooooo ;P thanks for d reminding yer..aah gmbo ni cantik sgt tu y nk jugak share kat cni kn..hehe


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