"Sexy Love" by T-ARA

i've never forgotten my huge interest, the K-POP addiction! yup, this is a brand-new song from my fav female idol group named as "Sexy Love". this single has been released on the last 2nd September and had successfully being in the top ranking of all charts!

honestly, T-ARA had never failed me with their catchy songs and unique dances. starting with the debut single, "Lies", "Roly Poly", "Cry Cry" to "Day By Day", everything was extremely favourable! now, this latest single is featuring the robot dance which is just sooooo freaking awesome!!

as usual, they always came out with two versions of official MVs. the drama version is the sequence from the "Day By Day" MV whilst this one is the dance version or they called it as the "Robot Version" MV. i promised you that once you heard the song, you'll never wanna stop!

its a very nice song and choreography, right?! now, how can i stop from admiring them? they got the talents, adorable look and lot of GREAT GREAT SONGS!

thus, good job T-ARA girls and please know that, i will always gonna be your loyal fan. huhu..although i'll miss the T-ARA FIRST SHOWCASE LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2012 on just tomorrow. omo, i'm dying to go but what can i do when i don't have the choice..... ;'(



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