[S05E01] 28th IIUM Convocation!

Event: 28th IIUM Convocation 2012
Date: 8th October 2012
Session: 5th Session for Kuliyyah of Engineering

Alhamdulillah...finally, the moment came after almost 6 years we've been craving for it! why did we took so many years to complete an engineering course at IIUM? the workload is overload with unnecessary courses. plus we've to postpone our studies in the middle of Nov 2010 just because the government wanna standardize the academic schedule in all universities in Malaysia! like seriously, i'd supposedly got my degree scroll at the age of 23 not 24! huh!

yup sometimes, i wonder why don't i just further my studies in the medical course since the 6 years would be greatly payable. hahaha..but i know i'm just not qualified enough to be call as a medic student. i'm no genius, i'm just an ENGINius! hehe..

anyhow, Thanks Allah for this opportunity as we all know that studying is one kinda 'ibadah to all the Muslims. even the first verse that was being reveled to our Beloved Prophet Muhamad S.A.W is coming from the Surah Al-'Alaq that encouraging us to read and learn..Wallahualam..

so, dearest readers despite the religions, races and communities,

more photos, CLICK HERE [S05E02]


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  1. dear congrats for the grads :)
    btw on that day i'm not in Bandung too bad maybe we can't meet huhuhu..

  2. congratulation.... =D

  3. Be proud of ourselves,engineers.Cheers ;-)

  4. Anita-->oh dear..its ok..im just thinkin of u when im planning to vsit Bandung..oh maybe we cn arrange another meeting when u'r coming here to Malaysia lor~ dont hesitate to pm me yarr :))

  5. tq so much SYAKIR and dear Hidaya..hehehe yup proub to b called as ENGINEER.. :)


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