[S05E02] Convocation, Thanks Everybody!

continuing the 1st part of my convocation photos diary. this time is the rojak one featuring my friends, my solo act and my dearly family! i was too lazy to separate them but in the same time, i'm still soooo excited to share all of them in here. hehe...so sorry for the clumsiness!

the first and second photos up there was the post-convo photoshoot with my ex-classmates at the memorable IIUM, Gombak. personally, those photos are my fav! thanks Haizam for the nice shots and credit myself for the editing part. haha..

then, the solo act photoshoot was done at the Tasik Cempaka, Bangi with my mom. well, you can expect there were bunch of photo being taken there but unfortunately, i can't upload all of them in here because i know that YOU'RE NEVER CARE ABOUT IT! hahaha..so, that was among the best shots by the amateur photographer (my mom!). plus, its also the time when my mom wanted to play a Ph.D student who got the scroll on the same convocation day with her daughter! haha..

lastly, the only photos with my beloved sister (bro-in-law, the newborn and daddy) since she was unable to attend my previous convo day. thanks along for coming to the office just for the sake of having this photoshoot yarr..as i'm desperately need to return the robe on the next day. haha..

well, at least i'm satisfy enough because finally, i've got the opportunity wearing the robe and take a shot with all my family members although it was all at the different places and times. huhu...never mind as i can't ask for more~ ;')

anyhow, i'd like to THANK my mom, my dad, my sisters and all my friends on this graduation. Alhamdulillah...the best gift for this convocation is finally, i've got an offer as an engineer with a dream salary! hehe..although its not really my field of engineering but who cares? people would still calling me an ENGINEER. hahahhaha...now, i wish for success in my career. Insyallah..  :)

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