Instagram #4 - Quick Lunch!

she is the pretty Eira, my ex-hostelmate at the SMK Jalan Tiga, Bandar Baru Bangi. haha..saje nak promote nama sekolah kebanggaanku! so, we both are currently working in the heart of K.L and this was on the last Friday when we had our quick lunch together. 

then, the location here was at the Central Market since her office is just like a walking distance from it. yup, i was the traveler on that day, riding on the KTM from Kajang. then, switching to the LRT Putra from K.L Central to the Masjid Jamek station. huh, hi-tech coziness but its tiring! haha

actually i've got a matter to be settled at the K.L Central on that day. well, it was indeed a lucky day for me as i bumped onto my blogger buddy whom i will share it on the next next entry yaarr~

last note, dear thanks for these very nice photos, please know that i adore your GALAXY NOTE so much haha..tak salah sebut galaxy tab sudeh~ and the most important one is terima kasih kerana saaaangat memahami hati dan perasaan saya yang saaaangat rapuh dan lemah ini....  ;')

Insyallah, ukhuwah fillah abadan abada..amin


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