A Date with Shahir AF8!

harr..romantic enough?! hahhaha...NO NO NO, he is not Shahir AF8! haha..he is actually my buddy's office-mate who is looking quite like him. so, nothing to worry girls as i don't have any relationship with Shahir AF8 yarrr..hehe

by the way, knowing this Shahir's clone is very fun. friendly, talkative and funny! haha..yup, lets meet again on the next time yarr..haha. sorry dear, i forgot his real name lor as i wasn't stop addressing him as Shahir!  hahaha.. ;)


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  1. yes...sekali pandang memang nampak macam shahir..:)

  2. Nidia Shahir Cetak Romapak mai...haha

    Nice to know you Suzai n looking forward for next lepaking someday!

  3. You look very sweet together! great photos, I love starbucks.

    LOVE BO,


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