a DOCTOR lost his BAG

Ok, back with fashion! haha..i don't know why i ended up with such tittle. please take out the words DOCTOR and BAG. yup, its a DOCTOR BAG..!! ta-da! haha..looks like some neurons has been missing out from my brain..hehe..

FYI, a Doctor Bag is a hot trend of the Autumn/Winter 2012. its based on the traditional style of a medical bag that is being worn by doctors. its smart, practical and sophisticated. like seriously~

Mine here is from Charles&Keith and came with two parts. this is the uniqueness of the bag in which the second part is zipped under the main part. its roomy enough for my excessive belongings and even the Canon EOS550D!

yup, its a buzz-worthy purchased. LOVE it! =)


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  1. cantik nyer bag..suker..!!!! i rase sesuai jugak tuk ai yang ade anak sorang ni nak pakai..;) [nak gak]

  2. ehh ape slhnyer..ade ank ramai pon bole gak kak..hahahha


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