Well, its been a week but i guess people are still arouse over this new product from Disney. i do still wanna share my humble verdict in here. yup, watched it in 3D as someone willing to pay is totally unplanned but seriously full of gratefulness. Maleficent is indeed Magnificent! thanks yer :)

Basically, it is a tale and focusing over the 'evil' witch who cursed the legendary Snow White named as Maleficent. initiating with her beautiful childhood life in a beautiful fairy world, The Moors. she is the most powerful fairy with the strongest wings who one day fell for a human named Stefan. transforming into a devil fairy after Stefan's betrayal who even cut her wings and left her powerless. stupid greedy Stefan! errr...sorry too emotional over this but hey this guy should be killed!!  =P  then, the rest you guys should already can tell. she cursed the princess.

Anyhow, the story is twisting from the well-known fairy-tale as it portrays how Maleficent slowly grows fond over the princess. she is even trying to break the curse by herself but failed as it was mentioned that no magic in the world could break it. so, then comes the day of her 16th birthday when she is finally falling asleep. looking at the failure of a prince's kiss, Maleficent feeling guilty and apologizes to her and kiss her forehead. then, the princess awake as Maleficent 'true love' as mother to a daughter is eventually break the curse. hmmm..i am truly love this part because we are not actually expecting this. hahhaha sorry for breaking your surprise element as i just couldn't handle it. haha =D

Then, blah blah blah. as usual, a fairy-tale should has a happy ending one or otherwise kids will burn those books LOL haha thus, whats the reason that drawn me to watch is the super talented actress Angelina Jolie. yup, i was not realizing that i am actually fanning her! LOL

She makes the movie alive! i can't imagine other actress to play this role. this character suits her very well especially the makeup, oh look at the shading is an A-class one hahaha a very sharp one! and the cgi effects whenever she used her powerful magic. love to watch it! hehe

Oh, i guess lot of you is still hesitating on to choose a 2D or a 3D one. haha i should say that i do enjoyed this dimensional effect so much but i guess 2D is enough. the reason would be because the whole plot and the acting skills are making this picture almost perfect already. hehe

Lastly, a ranking of 4.5 over 5 as i was totally over this. so, i don't know about you unless, believe me, go and watch it by yourself. then, later share your own opinion in the comment box too. :)

Thanks for reading. Muuahhhh3x!


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