Bros 10th Anniversary and The Kristal Klear Collection Launch

The director, Mr Terence was describing on how they celebrate the 10th anniversary :)
Happy 10th Birthday Bros!!
a glow in the dark performance to decor the giant Bros.
Sab, Kelly and me with the new BROS Kristal Klear Collection :)

Congratulation BROS for turning into 10th! i was invited to the birthday party in which they were also launching the new collection named as Kristal Klear. never fail to impress as it comes with a fresher and cooler design to constantly captivate the attention of the customers.

More about the new collection. it comes with 4 sizes; 400ml with straw, 800ml, 1000ml and 1500ml range. now, you can keep yourself hydrated in style no matter what you do and where you go! hehe does their tagline here sounds too cool?! =D

Thus, guys do not forget to check their ONLINE BROS-STORE to get yours. yup you are now available to get the BROS bottle via online. its simple and fast, trust me!

Lastly, thanks all! :)


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