#KLFW 2014 Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014

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ZaloraMY Ready To  Wear Collection 2014 are available on the web. here :)
thanks Naj for being the best companion ever. insyAllah lets hangout somemore yar! :)

Last Saturday was a blast as i got a chance to be part of the KLFW2014 for the first time ever! thanks a lot ZaloraMY for the invite. really appreciate it but sadly, i couldn't make it on Sunday which was the closing day of that one week event.  :'(

Anyhow, the experience was great although we knew that runaway show is like 20 minutes then its done! lol thus, peeps go and check the Ready To Wear collection by Zalora MY at the page yar. personally, it looks slightly casual with the monochrome shade of White and Black (mostly).

haha sorry i didn't manage to snap my fav as i was toooooo busy with the witnessing, my phone to lively update the instagram and darn this camera to share with ya guys. hahaha a busy bee!! LOL

Hey, thanks for visiting and reading yar. :)



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  1. Yg rambut afro tu classmate Akk masa degree. Cm gitu lah dr dulu.. btw suka tgk outfits suzai.. kemas but elegent and sedikit rock..hihi

  2. hahhaha ye ke rambot maintain ye kak hahaha tq kak :))


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