Look #141 - Wide Leg Pants

Satin Scarf from IG / F21 Biker Jacket Sling Bag / Mom's Pants / 
Unbranded Shoes / Mini Cooper Aviator / Galaxy Gear

I normally opt for that skinny jeans in hoping that i will look slimmer in it. thus, to wear this wide pants is such a rare and to own it is just bizarre! haha yup again and again, the pants is being stole from my mom's old wardrobe. thanks mom for nicely keeping all your fashionable items as you know in fashion all the trends will keep on going back and forth.

Then, the biker jacket is helping to execute glam factor to the whole look. it was also being worn in here. Oh also need to credit the satin square scarf as the shimmering effect of a satin material is always a great thing to have. it is very easy to look chic in it, trust me!

Well, this look was being worn at the recent KLFW 2014 which was ended yesterday. i was invited by ZaloraMY to witness their Ready To Wear collection in which will share my awesome moment on the next post here.

Thanks for visiting and reading dearest. :)

Photographed by Najjmusic and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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