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A personal touch by BROS :) muuahhhh3x!!

We all know the fact that our body (ladies) needs atleast 2L water in a day. anyhow, i'm wondering on how many of you are successfully having a great routine as such. hehehe admittedly, i am not one of them =P 

So, here i do believe that BROS could encourage me! with its attractive and cool design sure will makes me so excited to drag the bottle everywhere *feeling motivated*

Great news here as now you can purchase your own BROS bottles via online shopping only ma! easy peasy as i've done mine! haha no worry will share my haul later but now nah, let me tell ya on how to do it, step by step! =)

#2 click LOGIN button

#3 create your own account

#4 fill up the form. i promise its simple and then, click continue to shop! (you will receive an acknowledgment email once the registration is completed)

#5 the bottles are categorized neatly

#6 Choose your preferred items

#7 once you've made a selection, the details will be as above. please identify the quantity!

#8 click 'Add To Cart' and the item will be in the 'Shopping Cart' menu (shown as above)

#9 the 'Shopping Cart' menu will display your selection

#10 click 'Continue Shopping' to add more items or 'Checkout' to proceed with the payment

#11 please fill up the details of the details for the delivery address or if you've already filled up during your reg process, you won't have to re-fill. just ensure its correct ok. 

hey, please ENSURE THAT YOU'VE CLICKED Checkout > Continue > Confirm Order. then, again you will receive an acknowledgment email on the confirmation order. kindly wait for 2 to 5 working days for the delivery yar :) 

Surprise!! Surprise!!

BROS is celebrating its 10th anniversary and they are soooo happy to give out 30% discount worldwide until this 15th June 2014...wohooo! but wait.....

BROS X SizzlingSuzai is more generous HAHAHA as the date is being extended till 13th JULY 2014 and plus you will get a FREE BROS Brush! hehe
please use the Code: BFF30 as above ya :)

Thus, here is my purchased!!! Ta-da

BROS is too kind to pack those cuties with snacks! goshh and even sketching myself too. love you so much BROS and keep on being great yar and guys go and get your own BROS and do not forget to use the code ah. free brush is coming your way :)

Thanks all!


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