GUESS Blogger Awards 2014

Oh i'm so much flattered upon receiving this news! Alhamdulillah :) yup i am the TOP 8 of the GUESS Blogger Awards 2014 by EH! magazine!!! Gosh, thanks guys for selecting me to be competent with the other fabulous and so-so-dem-famous bloggers. huhu

Anyhow, the voting line was already close as they are down to TOP 4 in which i am NOT one of it. sorry for the late sharing here as i am myself didn't aware about the timeline as well.

Btw, its very OK coz obviously, the other nominees are well-known right? hehe feeling too small yet in the same time, i feel so honored too to be part of this. again, thanks EH! mag :) 

I don't have the idea on who are that TOP 4 but i guess they will reveal themselves very soon. so, GOOD LUCK ladies and to my babe Sab, Aishah and Yuyu Congratulation! and hope to meet each other sooner or later yar. =)

Thanks all and please keep on loving this humble page. Muuuahhhh3x!!

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