Spice Up Your Ramadhan with Fish & Co.

Fish & Co. (Malaysia)
Available at One Utama, Paradigm Mall, Pavilion KL and The Mines

Officially launched, Spice Up Your Ramadhan by Fish & Co. is now available at the outlets as mentioned until 27th July 2014! why should you arouse over this hehe let me take you to the journey of bon appetit!

the Happy food tester :)
Mocktails Summer Coolers - yup its sour yet very refreshing!
Seasonal Catch with Choice of Sambal or Spicy Teriyaki Sauce - what more should i say bout the sambal. it tastes so malay! i meant its authentic like it was cook by our mom hehe. then, the fish is well-cooked and pairing with that fragrance rice is just too great for an iftar!
Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Arctic Fish - Again i was so fascinated over the sambal which was poured on top of the grilled chicken as displayed. undeniably a bit spicy but its really OK for me. so, it depends but its really worth of trying! portion is so generous as you can see, this pan is also overloaded with that Arctic fish, chips and coleslaw. harr makan lah kauw! =P
Prawn Fritters (add on with only RM8.95) - as a prawn lover, this is absolutely thumbs up!
Triple Chocolate Cake - OMG! the 3 layers are no lying when i already done after 3 mouthfuls coz babe i'm not a choc fan tho. hehe but definitely alluring those choc addict out there. 

Guys, great news as Fish & Co. is serving a special offer during this Ramadhan month. yup, with ONLY RM 64.95 you can get those 2 sensational drinks, 2 main courses, 1 sinful choc cakes (haha) and special price of additional prawn fritters! Hurry Hurry while the Ramadhan month is still on going....hehehe

even Dollah Cantek and Dato Fazley agreed! :)
hahahha im the lucky winner who winning the monopod! LOL its selfie time. hehe thanks a lot guys.
with si Mira Cit Cit :D
with my fellow bloggers :)

Thanks all. i was having a great evening and the food were delicately delicious and yup, me and my friend were seriously FULL! hehe so, more info

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  1. murahnya....must go and try jugak one of these days..

  2. hehehe kan untuk 2 orang and SERIOUSLY mmg KENYANG!!! hmmm go kak try it :)


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