Rizalman for ZALORA 2014 Fashion Show

a super excited expression of mine ngeeee~
i love Amber Chia!
Ikmal Hezly and Syafiqah as always :)
the show is about to begin..

Hey fashion lover :)

Oh i was super excited upon receiving this invitation and honestly (covered face) this is indeed my first fashion show event LOL thanks a lot for the great opportunity as please know that i've been adoring Rizalman Ibrahim since i was in high school! *scream*

Second time collaborating with Zalora for the Raya collection is indeed a great thing for us, the moderate people who wanted to wear something called Rizalman's. hehe besides the fact that it is very convenient as you can purchase your 'baju raya' thru online without need to struggle and sweating during the coming fasting month. fuhhh!

Now, take a look at some of the pieces that successfully caught my interest and well, my Canon's lens. oh, love the dark concept of the epic luxuriousness showcased through the campaign video and the show on that evening. the dolly makeup was super gorgeous too!

oh oh the crepe top!
how can i say no to this exquisite skirt!
i love the prints. one of my fav too :)
and here is one of the signature for this 2014 collection. hot!
the lace and lining detailing are perfect!
a zebra perhaps?
not sure about the top but i love the combo.
something differ..
goshhh, this is my ultimate fav!! MAHU ini!!
the cutting..
Zaitun top can be purchase separately via ZaloraMY
another highlight piece for this collection.

As we all know, Rizalman's signature form-fitting cuts and elegant Baju Kurungs take the center stage in this collection. embellishments are kept to a bare minimum as he focused on the used of exquisite fabrics; jersey, lace, crepe silk and georgette silk in addition to laces and metallic elements that create an old-world sophistication.

As mentioned, my ultimate favourite is that electric blue with white laces details on the center. can't wait to get mine as last night i can't see any of it anymore. Arghhhh please do not say that they were all sold out already lorh So, peeps go and check out the ZALORA now! now! "=.= 

Oh oh with the man himself!! =D
with the rising designer, Rico Rinaldi :)
the most humble top model ever, Amber Chia. love her so much!
Oh can't believe to finally met her, Kak Fafau :)
the prettiest and fashionable pregnant lady ever!
Awal is always sooo friendly and can't stop from fanning him :)
thanks Nora Mmuuahh3x!  :)

Meeting and mingling with these people were great! can't believe that finally i met these two people whom i admiring the most, Mr Rizalman the main lead and Farah Fauzana. huhu a very famous local designer and celeb. again, thanks guys for having me as a part of this big day :)

Thus, i heard that the collection is selling fast. so hurry up check the ZALORA to get this exclusive wear for your 2014 raya. be ready to be chic for this hari raya! hehe yup, will get mine too.

Thanks a lot for visiting. Muuahhhh3x!

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. wahhh!! lawanya gambar dkr camera akak..pika tak update update lagi..huhuu..

  2. Hola... kak norabsuka dress with brown n black colours.. dua2 lovely


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