Contact Lense Awareness by Alcon Malaysia

Alcon Malaysia was generously given me an opportunity to finally wearing out a contact lens. yup, i was not even once try it yet in my whole life! haha so this is indeed a new experience for me and i was also quite shock to know that choosing a good pair should be started from the optometrist or optician making the recommendation on which the best contact lens that suits you.

So, an appointment with the optometrist was setup for me to get the eye's checking. besides, determining on how much 'power' that i need, he was also examining my eye's condition such as the redness. when, everything is great then, i was given those 3 months supply. yeahhh thanks a lot Alcon MY. yup, guys you shouldn't buy any of contact lenses selling at the pasar malam as it is totally unhealthy!

Few months ago, a contact lenses awareness was held by the Alcon Malaysia. few bloggers was invited to the sharing session on how to keep our eyes healthy. lot of beneficial tips were given by Dr. David Kading and Dr. Timothy Grant (Head of Professional Marketing Alcon) alongside with Mr Murphy Chan (President of Association of Malaysian Optometrists) for the whole evening. i wanted to share some great Q&A in here:

1. wearing a contact lens that not recommended by the optometrist may harm your eyes. yup, an eye examination is a must beforehand!
2. do not share your contact lenses with others! it may damage the eyes in the long run and in fact it cause discomfort as differ people got differ eyes. besides, the hygiene issue..
3. eyes becomes dry because usage is beyond the advised or the lenses are not properly moisturized.

Tips on proper contact lens usage/care
            Wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses.
            Proper and regular cleaning of contact lenses is a must. Usage of the right contact lens solution prescribed by your eye doctor is important to keep the contact lenses clean and safe.
            Contact lens storage case should be replaced regularly. Clean the contact lens case after each use.
            Contact lens solutions to clean and disinfect your contact lenses should be prescribed by your eye doctor/optometrist
            Do not recycle contact lens solutions. Use only fresh contact lens solutions prescribed by your eye doctor/optometrist to clean and store contact lenses.

well, hopefully some points are helping those contact lenses wearer and thanks for reading tho. and please visit here ( for more info. again thanks all! :)


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