[Review] Transformer Age Of Extinction : Whats So Funneyhhh About It? LOL

I do hope this post find no hard feeling among the fans hahahha because i am not a fan though and admittedly, this is my very first time watching Transformer!! thanks dear travel buddy, Miss Tia for forcing me to watch and finally, finally i watched this whole-world's-loved movie.

As tittle above, i am not gonna review as in usual post but as a first timer, let me share with you whats my verdict and the most is whats the thing that looks FUNNEYHH to me hehehe

1) the film just started, then comes the moment of an Autobot (a green one) being chased by KSI (well, i guess) then he defended himself by begging to get escape. LOL 'he' can talk?! a robot talking in a human language, seriously??! hahahha i found this is so LOL because i am NOT EXPECTING that they can talk hahahha sorreyyy fans XD

2) then, those robots walk and walk but when they want to chase something, they immediately transform themselves into a VEHICLE!! why don't they just flying?? hhahhaha i also found this is so LOL! some are change into luxurious sporty cars and some are as a racing car and that poor Optimus Prime transforms into an ugly old truck. HAHA ok i know he is injured but it looks so funneyhh to me XD

3) the almost 3 hrs duration is no joke! hahaha the tix was selling very fast and our seat was at the very front raw which was soooo 'comfortable' =D i thought it is almost finish when they settled down after destroying the Chicago laboratory, then suddenly they said "well, we need to also go to Beijing to finish the things" WHAT?!!!! Not finish yet?!! you also wanna go to Beijing ah? haiyak! XD

4) undeniably, Tessa, the daughter is freaking HOT! omg i envy her body so much! but whats funny about her is she is sooooooo fashionable hahaha even constantly wearing boots with heels at home then during the chasing game also. she never fail to impress and high credit should goes to her wardrobe consultant LOL =P

5) all the robots got name!! and the most cutest one goes to BUMBLEBEE !! my gadddd he is in my FAV colour, yellow and his name is just toooo adorable. BUM...BLE....BEEEEEE!!! XD

OK lah i don't wanna hurt the fans further HAHAHHA. thus, again this is just for fun in which i enjoy watching Transformer although i have never imagine i'd go and watch it. LOL applause to my buddy for eventually making me reviewing the Transformer movie in here. hehe

Anyhow, what more should i claim about this latest sequence of Transformer as the world LOVES it. so do i and my favourite part is whenever they transforming themselves from a VEHICLE (LOL) into a robot which is sooooo fascinating to watch. =)

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  1. Did you giggle or laugh along the movie? bila baca review baru rasa macam haah ye...kelakar pulak kalau dipikir2kan balik...anyway...Selamat berpuasa Suzai

  2. hahahha kak mase yg die mula2 bercakap tu mmg tergelak lah pastu pdg kawan sblh (who is a DIE hard fan hahaha ek ele robot ni bole brcakap LOL then ble die jd lorry tu pon sgt kelako bg sy hehehhehe mmg tersengeh2 je lah sy!


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