Look #140 - Still Summer

F21 Scarf Rings Sling Bag / Mom's knitted dress / Bershka Jeans / Unbranded Shoes

That knitted dress is legend! ready for a jaw dropping when i told you that i stole it from my mom's old wardrobe 7 years ago!!! and make it mine till now. Woww and hey i don't even know when exactly my mom bought it as i guess if you wanna do the accurate calculation, the total years could probably be almost 17 years! huhu impressive as it still looks very new huh?

Well, another item that should be highlighted is the shoes! hehehe ready for again to drop your jaw as i got that fabulous heels at only RM10. yup, it is being sold with a lelong (clearance sale) price in which i've successfully got myself another 2 pairs. hehehe highly buzz-worthy purchased!

Guys, thanks for the visiting, reading and loving my humble page here. Oh GREATEST news on today as i am being selected as the TOP 8 EH! BLOGGER AWARDS 2014. Alhamdulillah and i am soooooooo very happy to be part of it. thanks all! :)


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