How To Dazzle Up Your #OOTD With Jewellery !

Well the best answer so far is JEWELLERY! hehe its a fact that can't be deny, jewellery is a fashion statement that every girl needs whether its a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings. the right choice of jewelleries will enhance your outfit effortlessly.

Besides, i do admire and done this a lot! transforming my DAY workwear to a NIGHT look by just adding a necklace, rings and etc and throwing a pair of killer heels. ta-da you're so ready to rock the whole night glamorously hehe :)

lol lol gemok nyer! "=.=

Oh personally, i fancy rings so much and yup, i am a collector myself. be it a simple sweet one or a cocktail ring with a bulky statement on it or the two-finger ring as photo. truthfully, i always believe that a great accessory is able to transforming your whole #ootd, just pick and pair it wisely. Nah, below are some of my favourite. pardon me as yup, i love black and gold combo so much!

Yup all these alluring jewelleries are available at ZALORA !! they keep on stacking up their collection locally and internationally brands time to time. well, the price is starting with as lowest as RM7 (so far as what i concern lah). go and shop by yourself yar as i am sure you gonna drool over it. 

Thanks for the visiting and reading and LOVING mine here! :)


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