[Review] Labor Day Movie 2014


A drama based on novel written by Joyce Maynard. Starred by an award-winning actress Kate Winslet (Adele) featuring Josh Brolin (Frank). Story about a depressed single mother living with her 13 years old son (Henry) in a rural area who was bumping onto a prisoner who breaking out of jail and of course, wanted by the police. well, the plot slowly flashback on how Frank ended up in a jail in which excite me a bit. huhu

Without a choice, they were forced to bring him back home as he is injured and couldn't run away anymore. slowly, they become close as he needs to stay longer for unexpected reasons plus the polices and residences are searching at anywhere.

Ta-da to make it more dramatic, Adele and Frank fall in love and decided to move to Canada and live a new life. so, they secretly packing and cleaning the house and ready to move on the next morning which happened to be Henry's first day of school which surprised others. besides, numerous events happened which are suspicious and eventually, calling a police to arrive and arrest Frank. Adele and Henry were being tighten up before he goes out to surrender, so they will not gonna be blame for harboring the fugitive.

Then, what happen next? does Frank being released and again meet Adele after like another 15 years being jailed? huhu watch it by yourself but i promise you nobody will burn the cinema as it is a happy ending story...lallalallallaa


This movie is really really really a DRAMA kinda of movie which saying that the plot is simple yet slooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwmooooooo. haha proud of myself for not sleeping while watching it yesterday. toing toing as thanks to the flashback of Frank's life before he was being jailed since you just dying wanna know why a good guy like him ended in a prison. then, thats it!

Should have no argument on Kate's acting skill. she is still looking as beautiful as she was in Titanic. yup, she is the reason of me wanted to watch this premier. lorh

Then, i don't have any other comments as my recommendation would be to those who love watching a drama, a simple love story and assuredly, a fan of Kate Winslet. hahaha so, the ranking is 1.5 out 5. tuuutttt tuuutttt tuuutttt

PEACE NO WAR. thanks NUFFNANG, GSC and you for reading. :)


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