Padang - Bukittinggi Tour : Travelogue Day 1 "Get to know Bukittingi"


This is one of the must-visit place for this trip. the height of the waterfall is 35 meter and located in between Padang and Bukittinggi which specifically at Nagari Singgalang, Sumatera Barat. yup, we just stop like 10 minutes to capture those shots.

fyi, you need to pay to enter. no worry as cheap as Rp 1,500/pax which i guess for local and not remember anymore for a foreigner but i promise you its cheap. lorh can ah like that? hahaha. OK i admit that at first i was like what to do here, only see this ah?! haha but then, looking back at those photos above, i agree that it was worthy. beautiful right? Indeed, Allah is the Ultimate Creator. :)


We checked-in at around 3 p.m and the hotel is as gorgeous as displayed in the Agoda page. lol. not to worry as i will make a special review upon this stay. located in the center of mountainous town of Bukittinggi. really close to the Bukittinggi landmark, Jam Gadang. distance is about 10 minutes walk. more details will be coming soon yar. :)


We just strolling at this dataran / square and walked into the shopping mall beside it. nothing special inside which is not worth of sharing. hehe but can visit to kill the time as after these few shots, we went to a spa to get a body massage. was nice but the place is too old, not as what we expected it to be. huhu

Minangkabau Cultural Show by SAKATO GROUP (Bukittinggi)

So, here is like the highlight of Bukittinggi vacation for all the tourist. not to be mention that this is also the main reason of draging my mom to come over to Bukittinggi soon after she watched the show in a travel program on the tv. hmmmm.. "=.=

Yup, need to pay Rp 50,000 (RM 14.50) for a tix. sorry as i forgot the name of the hall but the location is just around the Jam Gadang area (just request your Supir to bring you here lorh / ask the local). fyi, only open at night and can only be play if the people is more than 10 pax. huhu

Well, the show is being narrated in dual languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English. nevertheless, it was soooo much of fun watching the great dancing and listening to the live music which being played by all these lovely teenagers. the show took almost 3 hrs and seriously ENTERTAINING! thumbs up! =D


I was still salivating over the Martabak Bandung which i've tasted in Bandung long time ago. so, i purposely request the Supir to bring us to any shop that selling the same martabak. so, we were here to again eat both type of the martabak, the sweet and the meat one. however! haha assuredly the taste was not as great as one in the original place but this was good. yup, we did have a good and full dinner of the night. the total lost is Rp 96,000 (RM 28).

The night ended just like that.

Thanks tho. keep on reading!! ^^
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