High credit to COACH Malaysia and SheaRasol. really really thanks! so, here is my latest pair yet the most expensive one in the collection. i could never had imagined that one day i'm gonna wear a RM1,500+ on this foot. WOoww! sorry as i'm quite conservative myself. anyhow, i know i should say this, Alhamdulillah for the rizk. :)

Nah, i chose this tangerine colour with that gold plate on the front since it screams luxurious very well. hmmm..being so selective as this was my first time spending this much and i just didn't wanna waste it. ensure the final decision gonna worth each penny!

Well, honestly i've been eyeing 2 or 3 other designs in which i did almost ended up buying 2 pairs which i need to add like another RM 1k plus plus. err ladies, please make sure that you are sober enough whenever you decided on going to shop. whatever kinda shopping especially the pricey one lah. thank gadddd, the collection is limited on size and colour, so finally i go with this one and only!

Anyhow, again this opportunity would definitely be one of my best experience in the life of blogging. Alhamdulillah and to all the shoes lovers, go and check the COACH PAVILION outlet to also get yourself a pair of COACH Footwear.

TQSM for visiting and reading. Happy Sunday! :)

yup, KOSE X SizzlingSuzai GIVEAWAY is still ON-GOING and looking for like another 15 winners!! pali pali hurry hurry


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  1. Kasut 1k++??? Mau terbeliak biji mata saya. Haha... Bestnya! Alhamdulillah...:)

  2. Cantiknya. and its coach! Oke. baru sempat blogwalking. Will join the giveaway insyaAllah ^^


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