Meet & Greet #ModestStreetFashion in Kuala Lumpur by Langston Hues

the crew. congratulation guys for organizing such event. it was very nice! :)
Talent Lounge @PJ Trade
the speaker; Natasha Hudson, Langston himself, Flexia Yeap and Mizz Nina
as usual, me with Miss SyafiqahHashim :)
finally meeting her, Raja Nadia Sabrina well, i know i look like 3x of her! >"<
 Ila Damia and the always bubbly Dayah Bakar :)
 with dear Shea Rasol :)
 highly inspired by this beautiful Felexia Yeap. insyAllah :)
 newly wed Jezmine with her pretty girls.
atlast with the man himself, Langston Hues
with my kakak Natasha Hudson, insyAllah will meet again and again yar ^^
making new friend with the fashionable PinkDurian hehe her IG. visit ok :)
Mizz Nina in da house! love her since long time ago..Alhamdulillah :)
so, its a wrap!

First of all, i was sooooooo dem frustrated with all my photos here! adoih i don't know i just couldn't find the right setting as it was night (which is my weakness!) and the dim light was just made everything became more more bad. lorh Suzai learn more please.. "=.=

Anyhow, i was too glad to have a chance meeting this international photographer who is doing his project on Modest Fashion. known as Langston Hues, originally from Detroit USA and has been touring the globe snapping, collecting and documenting info pertaining on the tittle. fun huh?

Honestly, i'm thinking of him as the other FaceHunter who specifically focusing on modest fashion which is super duper Awesome! love both because i do love streetstyle and such things very much. huhu although i don't get the opportunity to be part of his project but hmmm still giving my 100% support to all the fashionista who involved. keep the spirit guys! :)

To know more about him and the beautiful project, kindly visit

Thanks for reading! :)


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