[Whats Up KL?] 5th Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2014 (MISF 2014)

Oh My Jimmy Choo! haha this is a great news to all the shoe lovers as the Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF 2014) is back! the event will take about 4 days and held at the PWTC as the previous year. more details are as written on above poster. 

What you should excite over are:
- A regional shoe industry will showcase best of Malaysia and beyond
- Over 100 shoe designers & manufacturers
- More 100 brands and 200 booths by local & international participants
- Fantastic discount on Day 3 and Day 4!
- Fashion shows, exhibition, arts, games, prizes and etc etc
- and a chance to finally MEET Prof Dato' (Dr) Jimmy Choo !!! woot woot

and ta-da their pre-event will be held on this very soon which is on 16th March (errr...my b-day!). well, this is a great event while doing charity lorh. feel free to visit their FB for more details. hurry up as i heard that the registration is 2 days left! =)

For more details and instant update, please visit their

c ya there!! :)))


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